What is Quality Management for the Food Industry

By | 12/10/2022

In our conduct of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) trainings, we often emphasize the importance of quality management for the food industry. That is because quality management is a critical aspect of GMP. To deepen our understanding on this subject, let’s get a deep dive on the concepts and principles of quality management in the food… Read More »

SwiftMindanao’s Co-Founder Granted Professional Food Technology License

By | 12/09/2022

CITY OF VALENCIA, BUKIDNON. The Professional Regulation Commission, through its Board of Food Technology, have granted a professional license to SwiftMindanao’s co-founder Tara Macansantos Pascual, allowing her to practice as a food technology professional. Ms. Pascual took her oath on December 9, 2022, officially becoming a licensed food technology practitioner. The professional food technology license… Read More »

How to Reduce Food Waste at Home in 6 Easy Ways and Save Money

By | 06/15/2020

Here are 6 easy ways how to reduce food waste at home and save money for your family. learning the basics of minimizing food wastage can help in eliminating the problem of involuntary hunger. Shocking Global Stats on Food Wastage Did you know that global food wastage is estimated at 1.6 BILLION tons annually? In… Read More »

Silk Coating On Food Extends Shelf-life of Products

By | 06/09/2020

A recent discovery by MIT scientists shows that using silk as food coating significantly extends the shelf-life of all sorts of perishable goods. The groundbreaking technology offers broad impact on prolonging the shelf life of whole foods, cut produce, fish, meat, fruits, and other agricultural products.

Homegrown Food Technology Consultancy firm in Valencia Bukidnon Launched

By | 06/01/2020

SWIFTMINDANAO CO. (SwiftMindCo) is a “food technology consulting agency that caters to the specific needs of local businesses in the food industry.” According to its website, the company is now offering a full range of service packages that are designed to strengthen organizational capacity, production efficiencies and standards compliance of food-based businesses.